tips on how to fall into a deep peaceful sleep.

child version: drink a nice warm glass of milk :)

adult version: just f uckin down a whole friacking bottle of wine. jUst down that shit. collapse face down on the floor so you don’t choke on ur vomit while u sleep. xoxo


I often forget that superheroes are supposed to be these hyper-masculine male fantasies because I spend so much time talking about their emotional vulnerabilities and imagining them in lacy thongs

nothing you do will ever satisfy your parents. you can literally go to the moon and shake an alien’s hand and they’ll be like “oh honey why couldn’t you have picked a job with a better salary?” you can be the CEO of a large international corporation and they’re like “it’s not about the money, it’s about doing what’s right.” what the fuck that even mean. what the fuck. i.  wha t the  fuc k

catws + photographs


These people are innocent, taking their lives will gain you nothing. So take mine, and end this.

mcu meme: [3/6] movies

↳ thor: the dark world

open to film recommendations! reply or inbox with a title of a movie you enjoyed that you’d like me to watch. any kind of film (classic, foreign, documentary, wtv) is okay.

Throw ya hands in the air if you’s a true playa 

Contrary to popular belief, I know exactly what I’m doing.

One son who doesn’t want the throne, another who wanted it too much. Is this to be my legacy?
Loki died with honour. I shall try to live the same. Let that be your legacy.

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