i used to talk to inanimate objects but i can’t do that anymore because i have flatmates now and saying “thank you mr. microwave” after it’s done cooking my meal just seems strange i guess

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  2. vibrathor said: it’s not strange
  3. lacabra said: It just means you’re living with the wrong people. Sorry.
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  9. stop-that-lollipop said: Once you give them voices so they can respond back, maybe that’s when it gets weird
  10. harlequinlophoenixki said: Pah, I sing to my Hoover and my food, why not? And sometimes, apparently, I pretend to be Zoidberg in replies. So it goes.
  11. pondicherry-baby said: I say thank you to automatic doors, and they’re in public places. People must hear me doing it.
  12. stereobone said: live with me I don’t think that’s strange at all omfg yr cute
  13. youaresoprettycharles said: how adorable~
  14. anotherjourneybytrain said: Nonsense!
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  16. rachelofcyberia said: nothing strange about having manners. when the robot uprising happens, they will remember your politeness
  17. hiddleswiggles said: you got wrong room mates XD
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