CM Punk: As we’re sitting there, just laughing at everybody, this 8 foot tall transvestite walks by, stops, just backpedals right up and looks at us and goes “You two aren’t from around here." And me and Corino just gulp, you know. She’s nose to nose with Corino, and Corino’s shaking, looking up at her. "Where are you from?”, “I’m f-f- I’m from America" and she goes, "Oh, the States! Honey, you should go to Chicago!" And before ‘cago’ is out of his mouth, Corino goes "My friend’s from Chicago! My friend’s from Chicago!" Exit stage left Steve Corino.

And now I’m looking up, face to face with this gigantic, beastly transvestite. And she goes “Oh, you ever been to Halsted Street?" Me not thinking that Halsted Street in Chicago is a boy’s town— and the thing about it is, since Halsted runs the entire city, I used to live on Halsted Street. And I go, "The North side, I used to live on the North side!" Why did I say that?! "Oh, I went there one time and I went to the Manhole and I didn’t leave for three days, honey." I don’t know what to say to this, I can’t say ‘me too’, so I’m like "Uh, great, up high!" Tranny tries to go down low, hand gets swatted, fist goes up, and I scream "I will beat your ass!" And then the place stops. 150 transvestites all turn and look at me and Corino.

Samoa Joe:'I Will Survive' goes off the radio.

CM Punk: Corino just goes, “How close are we to the door?”, cause we legit thought we were gonna fight our way out of this bar, and we would’ve gotten our asses kicked. We would’ve gotten beaten up by a hundred men dressed as women, and some of them were just so horrible looking.

So the music kinda like starts playing again, and she was like “Oh, you need to settle down.”, and I was like, “No! I will sock you right in the adam’s apple!" and she was like, "Oh, feisty!" and she walked away. And all the FWE guys were just splitting up, they were freaking out, it was hilarious.

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